Why Go on a Malawi Vacation?

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One of Africa’s smallest yet most beautiful countries, Malawi is a true hidden gem and possibly the continent’s most underrated travel destination. A common theme found among travellers who arrive in Malawi have left the country singing its praises.

The Southern African country is famous for its smiling, friendly people, and its slow and easy approach to life, as well as its extraordinary freshwater lake and its exceptional natural scenery. Malawi’s inherent likeability has earned it the moniker, ‘Warm Heart of Africa’. It’s this magnetism that makes holidays to Malawi an unforgettable experience for first-timers to Africa and seasoned safari-goers alike.

Malawi vacations have so much to offer visitors. Animal lovers can encounter the immense marine life in Lake Malawi and the diverse wildlife in the game reserves. Nature lovers will get to soak up breathtaking views of the untouched forests, pristine beaches, and tranquil water of the lake. While those with an adventurous spirit will love taking on a wide variety of activities, including sailing, snorkelling, and kayaking. And with Go2Africa’s ability to craft tailor-made Malawi tours, you can have the vacation of your dreams.

The Tiny Country with the Big Heart – Malawi

Despite its diminutive size in comparison to other African nations, Malawi frequently attracts travelers seeking a tranquil vacation in a stunning, untouched region of the globe.

It is renowned for having kind, smiling residents. Most notably, this landlocked nation is well-known for Lake Malawi, an incredible freshwater lake. A relaxed beach vacation is ideal, thanks to the calm islands and crystal-clear waters. While bird watching, hiking, mountain biking, and game viewing are among the activities available in Malawi’s 11 national parks and wildlife reserves.

Here are 3 reasons to visit Malawi.

1. Lake Malawi

The southernmost lake in the East African Rift system is Lake Malawi, also known as Lake Nyasa, an African Great Lake. By volume, it is the third-biggest freshwater lake in Africa and the fifth largest in the world (after Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika). The lake has a central depression that extends to a depth of more than 700 meters. It measures about 570 kilometers in length and 75 kilometers at its widest point. (If you need more context, consider that Lake Malawi is home to about 7% of all surface freshwater on Earth.) It is located between Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique. There is ongoing dispute over the precise location of Tanzania’s international boundary, which has frequently resulted in diplomatic spats.

2. Bush and Beach

The Nyika Plateau is Malawi’s largest National Park that boasts a stunning afro-montane plateau with plenty of plains game to view. Watch out for zebra, Roan antelope, eland, and bushpig. In addition, there are 400 species of birds and over 200 orchid species to look out for. This is a truly superb environment for mountain biking in the bush!

3. Birding

Although several African nations declare themselves to be birdwatcher’s paradise, Malawi might take first place. The great diversity of birds is supported by its variety of habitats, which include wetlands, lakes, forests, and Afro-montane highlands. It boasts an astounding 650 species of birds, many of which are hard to view in other parts of the world.

Birds of prey such as Brown-breasted Barbet, Fiery-necked and Gabon Nightjars, Brown-backed Night Heron, Rufous-bellied Heron, Long-toed Lapwing, Dickinson’s Kestrel, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Palmnut Vulture, Osprey, and Calling African Barred Owlets are among the special birds. Therefore, if you are an avid birdwatcher, Malawi is unquestionably somewhere you should put on your bucket list.

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