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South Africa

The country is situated on the Southern tip of Africa and bordering countries are Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini Lesotho, which is surrounded by South Africa, is an enclave. South Africa is the most popular tourist destinations on the African continent, as it offers amazing views and a vast variety of activities to enjoy.


The Republic of Namibia is situated in the South-Western part of Africa, bordering with South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Namibia boasts a well-developed infrastructure, some of the best tourist facilities in Africa, and an impressive list of breath-taking natural wonders.


Despite being the smallest country in the Southern hemisphere, Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland,  more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions and activities. Swaziland is the smallest country in Africa and has an area of 17.364 square kilometers. It is Africa’s last absolute monarch ruled by King Mswati III. 


Zimbabwe is a beautiful land-locked country and rich in diversity from low-lying semi-desert to lush highlands enveloped in forests and lakes. Situated on a high plateau in Southern Africa, covering 390 245km, travellers will see a completely different image of the country as known from the media and will realise just how wonderful it truly is, despite the political and economic struggles.


Experience the stunning beauty, the unimaginable vastness, the isolation and worldliness and the amazing wildlife of the best kept African secret – Botswana. Botswana is one of the prime Safari Destinations of the African continent! 


Situated on the east coast of Africa, this tropical and scenic paradise boasts with 2500 kilometres of spectacular coastline. There are little islands dotted around the coastline that offer travellers a vast variety of things to do. Mozambique showcases many popular destinations for visitors to enjoy – some are of historical and cultural interest


Malawi is also called “The Warm Heart of Africa” due to the legendary welcome extended to all its visitors. Malawi is a small country with a big heart and an even bigger range of incredible tourist activities!


Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa on the Indian Ocean, between Mozambique and Kenya and includes the island of Zanzibar. The country offers wildlife, friendly people, and stunning beaches. 


Kenya is situated in East Africa and borders South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania, and offers an exquisite tropical coastline fringed with breathtaking golden sand beaches. Resting in the magnificent Great Rift Valley and presided over by the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya is characterized by hauntingly beautiful natural landscapes of forested hills, patchwork farms, wooded savannah, and vast forests brimming with an extraordinary abundance of wildlife. 


Zambia, with eight neighbouring countries, is a landlocked country, that is one of Southern Africa’s lesser known travel destinations. The central capital city, Lusaka is home to most of the nation’s population. The official language in Zambia is English but most local people speak Nyanj and Bemba among themselves.


Uganda is situated in East Central Africa and is the place where the Eastern and Western frontiers of the world’s most vibrant continent converge. The country is characterised by relatively dry and flat savanna in the north, verdant mountains in the West, vast dense and remarkably lush forests in the central region. In addition, visitors can find gorgeous waterfalls, expansive tea-plantations and fresh-water lakes.
It is no wonder that Winston Churchill once went as far as describing Uganda as Africa’s Pearl in the early 1900s.